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[ Ah, what a beautiful night. The stars are out, the moon is shining, the faint sounds of nocturnal Pokemon scurrying around, it's truly is a peaceful night. If only more people are to be awake at four in the morning to share this wonderful time with the Pokemon. Well, if anyone really is up at this ridiculous time, they should see that there is one new video feed going on in the network. How rather strange for someone to be up, but that's the thing, no one is up. At least, not a human being. ]

[ That's right, this is a feed that is set up by two mischievous Pokemon that honestly have nothing better to do than play pranks during the very early morning. These two said Pokemon are one (1) Noctowl, Walter, and one (1) Dusknoir, Grim. Both of these two fabulous creatures belong to the great Professor Layton. Even he has trouble in keeping them in line and at the moment, he's fast asleep in his tent along with his good high school friend, Lando, and his assistant, Luke. What? In a tent? Ah right, the three are out on a Pokemon hunt! Stuck on Route 34, just not that far from the entrance of Goldenrod City. They have been out for a while, looking for a Bulbasaur for Luke and a Chikorita for Lando out in the Ilex Forest. It has been no easy task since they're extremely rare Pokemon so it has taken them a good few days before they've finally caught the little Grass-Type Pokemon. So, with that all done, the three has decided to spend some quality time by walking back to Goldenrod City instead of flying there. Hence the tent and sleeping outdoors. ]

[ But anyway, back to the Noctowl and Dusknoir, they seem to be up to something and something that they want to show to the public since the Noctowl is holding up a Pokegear to record all this. There's a clear view of the large tent and suddenly, the Dusknoir comes out of it holding... Luke? That's right, it's holding the sleeping little boy in its arms and floats on over to where the rest of the Pokemon team are sleeping. This is when the Noctowl places down the gear on the ground, pointing it at this group then flying over there. Sadly, it's hard to tell what those two Pokemon are doing since they're blocking the view but soon after, they part and... ]

[ Luke is tied to the back of an Ursaring. ]

[ You know, since Luke has gone and tied the good old Professor in a coma to the back of an Ursaring before with Phoenix and Flora, so might as well repay the favour! No, seriously, tying the Professor to a bear while going on adventure times has been one of the worst ideas ever. Especially when Layton has woken up, still tied to a bear and seeing this hideous thing (and that hideous thing now being apart of his Pokemon party; oh sweet merciful Lord, Mr Wright, why have you left him this). Therefore, the two Pokemon has thought it'll be fun to get some very belated revenge by tying up the poor boy to that same bear their trainer has gotten tied to. ]

[ All things are good with the two Pokemon quietly holding in their laughter until the Noctowl flies back a bit too far and accidentally knocks into the Ursaring's head quite harshly. This obviously wakes up the bear and in no time, also Luke. He stirs around a bit and oh, that familiar smell of honey. Huh, he has thought Mr Bear is sleeping outside. ]

Mmrf…Mr. Bear? What’s going on--


[ Wait, Mr. Bear never roars like that, no matter how angry she gets. Suddenly, Luke, Walter, and Grim all pause as their brain goes as followed: ]

[ That's not Mr Bear's roar → This is not Mr Bear → Luke is tied to what Walter and Grim has thought was Mr Bear → Luke is tied to a wild Ursaring → This wild Ursaring is angry → oh shit ]

[ Cue Luke flailing around by kicking his legs because his arms are tied down. ]


[ All that kicking doesn't help his case as this wild Ursaring becomes even more infuriated. It pushes itself up and begins a mad dash down Route 34, all the way towards Goldenrod City. ]

Professor!! P-Professor--!!!

[ In no time, both Layton and Lando come rushing outside of the tents in their pyjamas, the former actually not wearing his top hat for once. ]


Over there, Hershel!

[ Lando points over to where the wild Ursaring is running off to and the two immediately begins to chase after it. ]

[ With lots of screaming.]

[ From both humans and Pokemon. ]

[ At four in the morning. ]

[ With some fantastic music. ]

[ Happy 4 am, guys! ]

(( ooc: tl;dr - Luke got tied onto the back of a wild Ursaring and now there's a wacky chase scene at four in the morning. Blue for Luke. Brown for Layton. Orange for Lando. This for wild Ursaring. Replies will come from all three and after they finish chasing the bear, unless it's action tags! Action tags will go from You → Luke → Layton → Lando! And thank you for everyone on my plurk teaching me how to roar like a bear for this entry. Stay beautiful. ))
[ A quick and short video feed turns on sideways. It seems as if the pokegear has been tossed onto the bed on where it lays and has turned on by itself. It looks just like another accidental feed and one that the owner has carelessly have made, but when has the Professor ever been careless? ]

[ It’s hard to picture out anything due to the angle and how half the screen is covered with blankets. However, it’s obvious that something is out of place. First of all, just the mere fact that this is accidental is a hint that this is out of place. Layton isn’t the kind of person to just toss his gear onto his bed, much less not notice that it’s recording at all. Either he must be in a rush or he’s distracted. Well, as far as the gear will allow the audience, it looks like he’s sitting at the desk of his hotel room and... he doesn’t seem to be wearing his hat? ]

[ That’s right, the signature top hat that he’s always seen wearing is actually resting on his desk. For those who has always been wondering what Layton looks like without it, this is the chance. His hair is actually normal, if not a bit messy with his cowlick. Clearly, something to be rejoicing about, correct? It’s a very rare thing to ever see him without his hat and even those close to him, he almost always never takes it off. So, clearly, it must be something to be overjoyed with. ]

[ Wrong. ]

[ Although faint, but surely there, there are sounds of sniffles. The kind of sounds of someone trying to stop themselves from crying; the kind to prevent themselves from breaking down right there. Deep breathes now and then, uneven breathing, a choked out cough, all the sounds familiar to anyone who has tried their very hardest to keep it to themselves. ]

[ He presses his palm in between his closed eyes, as if that can help him stay calm. It doesn’t help much though. Not all in the slightest, because when he remembers of what has happened to put him in such a state, he takes one large step back from calming down. After all, it’s the day that Claire Folly has gone home. ]

emotions that you don’t have to read - slight spoilers for third gameCollapse )

[ Soon after, his Ninetales walks into the room and sits besides him, nudging him with her snout. Though when he has no reaction but to continue in trying to keep himself from crying, she lets out a low whine and continues to sit next to him. His Noctowl joins in, but opts to sit on the bed and eventually, onto the Pokegear itself. It shuts off and only darkness follows. ]


Claire Folly has returned home.

I apologize, but some things have come up and I will be unavailable for the next few days. If you must contact me, I will still have my gear in my possession and will reply as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

(( ooc: tl;dr - baw, Claire went home and Layton will be MIA for a short while. Replies will be slow since I'm catching up all the backtags from before my hiatus! ))


[ Lookie here, check out this gorgeous view of the sea. The way the water is so clear and the sun shining brightly down on it. It seems like the perfect day for a swim and the perfect day to be outside, especially on the beach. Those by the Cianwood and Olivine beach should get out right now and sit right there, just like what the good old Professor Layton is doing.

Sitting on a nicely placed mat, he seems to be in a good mood as usual. His Ninetales is sitting right next to him, nudging her head towards him, asking for pets. He gladly delivers them, all the while looking at the Pokegear that he has started up. ]

It is August 22nd already? A year does pass us by quite quickly, doesn't it? To think that I have already been in Johto for a year and of all days that I have arrived on. I suppose today is the day of two anniversaries.

[ Two anniversaries? Shouldn't it be just one and the one that marks his year stay in Johto? Well, the Professor hasn't said anything about it, but today is actually his birthday! Huh, how funny to arrive on that day of all days. So, that means that he's actually now thirty-nine years old now, but not like anyone will know. He hasn't really been talking about his birthday since it's not terribly important. You'll just have to deal with trying to figure out what he means by "two anniversaries". ]

It always strikes me curiously odd that I have arrived in Johto on this date and when I have first arrived here with Claire, my Ninetales and originally a Vulpix back then, I have never thought that I'll be here for an entire twelve months. Since then, I have adjusted well to this world and the many different people. I will have to personally give my thanks to everyone that has helped me during this time period.

Therefore, I will thank everyone by bringing back the chance to exchange your picarats for prizes. For anyone new to my picarat system, picarats are a type of point system that I use. They determine how difficult a puzzle is; the easiest being 10 and the hardest 99. When you solve the puzzle, you earn the amount of picarats that was assigned to that puzzle. However, if you get the answer incorrectly, the amount drops little by little. If it drops too much, I will stop it at a certain number. This is just my little way of distributing points to those who are kind enough to solve my puzzles. You may then exchange these picarats for prizes, such as now.

I have stocked up on new prizes just this morning, so please do ask if I have anything available and I will check for you. [ See those two giant bags behind him? Yeah, they're filled with different things such as supplies, food, clothes, all that! They're bags of everything! ]

I will be sending these prizes off with my Noctowl to bring to you. If you are interested in solving a few puzzles of mine to earn more picarats, then do not hesitate to ask. This whole double-anniversary has actually reminded me of a puzzle, so please do give this a try. This is a fairly easy one and will be only worth 15 picarats:

"A man is four times as old as his daughter. In 20 years time, he shall be twice as old as her. How old are they now?"

[ Easy 15 picarats right there, guys! Go go gooo. ]

(( ooc: tags will be slow since I'm packing up today and leaving back to my hometown tomorrow. Sorry for this guys, and also, for that Mix 'N' Match meme, I have gotten requests from different people that the deadline will be extended to include the newcomers. Therefore, the deadline is midnight EST today! Make sure you get all your characters in and I will then post up the matched pairs sometime after midnight! Thanks, guys! ))
[ Hello there, good people of Johto!

Isn't today just a fantastic morning, with the sun shining brightly and the weather being a nice mild temperature? It's days like this when people should go outside and have all the fun they can before the weather turns into something terrible such as heavy rain. Considering how completely random Johto is when it comes to unusual weather at the strangest times, days such as today might not last for so long. That is why everyone should hurry up, get out of their beds, and be out of their tents and rooms for a great day! Who can resist after all?

Well...it seems like one Mafia leader can, but that's a later story.

The Pokegear turns on and it focuses itself onto a familiar Professor. He seems quite refreshed, despite the time of the day and that he seems to be on some... cliff. Well, it looks like he's making his way towards the Safari Zone and he has always been a morning person after all, so he's not all that grumpy. Also, look; no cast! Aww yeah, look at his right arm. It's all healed and perfectly fine. Look at him waving that hand of his toward the camera. ]

Good morning, everyone.

Today is a beautiful day out, so I do hope that most of you will be deciding to be heading outdoors. It is not often when Johto gives us a day like this. Therefore, please try to make the most of it.

As you can see, my arm has fully recovered. It has taken a bit longer than I have expected for it to come off, but it is perfectly healed. I will have to take it easy for a while, however. However, this is not what I have made this video feed for.

I have never thought this might work, but the previous morning, I have discovered something. I've thought it might be interesting to share with everyone.

[ He heads back into his tent that has been just behind him. Inside, there's two sleeping bags. One is already nicely rolled up and placed to the side. As for the other sleeping bag... well, let's just say that there is 6'4" man taking his sweet time getting up and when it says "taking his sweet time getting up", it means "not getting up at all". Now, what the heck does Layton want to share with everyone that involves a man sleeping? ]

[ The Professor lowers the gear for a few seconds, the camera now focusing on the ground. A few beeps and boops there, he finally focuses the feed back on Xanxus and-- just why on Johto is the Pokeflute radio turned on? Well, good trainers and breeders, for this reason! ]

[ The music plays for half a minute and so far, it seems like nothing is happening at all. Then suddenly, there's a bit of stirring and for the love of Ho-Oh, is Xanxus actually waking up?! That he is and what do you know? Using this song actually works! Hello, new alarm clock. ]

Good morning, Mister Xanxus. [ :D ]

[ Xanxus, however, is not very amused by any of this at all. Not only has he woken up to the worst fucking music ever, he's being recorded. He shuts off that damn radio and glares at Layton. ]

...What the fuck are you doing?

It is already ten am. I have had to wake you up somehow.

[ Still extremely agitated by this whole thing, Xanxus slips out of his sleeping bag and starts rolling it up. He refuses to look at that camera. ]

Turn it off.

[ And with that, good bye everyone! ]

(( ooc: replies will come from both Xanxus and Layton! Tags will from both of us after work! \o\ ))


[ Hello, Johto-residents! Check it out, you're getting this cool video feed of a top hat! Ohhhhhh, impressive-- wait a minute, do you know that top hat? Well, who else really wears a brown top hat with a red brim? Who can it be? Quick, five seconds and fifteen picarats if you figure out who this is.


Well, if you guessed Professor Layton, then congratulations! This is fifteen picarats for you, but hey, isn't this an old face? It has been quite the while since the good old Professor has made a post to the network. Well, he has been quite busy and when the camera zooms back out when Grim the Dusknoir takes charge of it, it can easily be seen what he has been busy with; a broken arm and a new location.

He clears his throat. ]

I apologize for disappearing for quite a while since my last entry to the network. As you can see, I have broken my right arm, so it has been quite difficult to do much without it.

[ He's right-handed so he's not very used to doing things with his left hand. You can only see how frustrating it is to try write something or whatnot. ]

But the main point about this video feed is to ask if anyone has also been relocated to another location and having quite the loss of memory for the past few days. I believe it might be connected to the similar incident back in late-November and early-December, but this is only just a theory.

I also do have information concerning about the discoveries that have been made down at the Alph Ruins a month ago. I do apologize for the lateness of this, but if anyone will like to hear on what we have found, I am more than glad to share. The ruins has quite the strange inscriptions over it.

Thank you and do take care, everyone.

[ And the feed shuts down! ]

(( ooc: Yeah, Layton has a broken arm from after the trip to the Ruins from falling into a chamber and landing on it badly. The cast should come off in about two more weeks, so till then, if you're in the area, COME SIGN IT FOOLS-- tags will be slow, sorry about that! ))
[ Here is Layton.

Here is Layton having a good time in the Pokemon Centre, getting his healed Pokemon and looking really happy.

Now he exits the centre and what does he see?

Well, a completely new city, that's for one but more importantly? HE SEES THIS RACING PAST HIM. ]

...I do wonder if that's a type of Pokemon...

[ Now, this is a very familiar view to those that have known the Professor for some time; the Pokegear placed down on a small coffee table angled in such a way to film its owner, a open notebook with a fountain pen nearby, a hot cup of Belle Classic tea, and the great Professor himself. From the surroundings, it seems that he's in a Pokemon Centre-- Violet City's centre to be exact. He will go to a cafe, but he is getting his Pokemon healed so he doesn't mind spending some time here.

He takes a single sip from his teacup and adjusts his hat. A true gentleman should always look proper before an audience and having a dry voice is no good. However, it seems as if he's not looking too proper right now. ]

It seems as if another festival has passed us by. I do have to admit that this has been one of the first few times I have celebrated Easter in quite a while and it has been lovely to attend this festival with others. I hope that everyone else has had a great time as well.

[ At this point, a small Teddiursa pops into the view. She struggles to climb onto the table from the Professor lap but does so. She stares at the Pokegear, clearly interested in the little device. The Professor just chuckles, picking up the small Pokemon and placing her back on his lap. She doesn't struggle much but continues to look at the gear by standing on his lap. ]

I will have to thank Miles for sending me this Teddiursa from the egg hunt in Goldenrod. As you can see, it has hatched just recently. The egg I have received mysteriously such as from Christmas has hatched as well. I believe that it is called a 'Turtwig'.

[ The Professor picks up his gear and points it beside his chair where the little Turtwig is playing around with an Eevee that has hatched just a few weeks ago. Layton then places the Pokegear back on the coffee table where it can point towards him. ]

I have not named either of them yet, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. The Teddiursa is a female while the Turtwig is a male. I'm afraid that both are a bit picky in their names though. [ The Teddiursa agrees by nodding her head. ]

Ah, but that is not the reason why I have made this post. In fact, it is to concerning about something I have asked back in November.

Some months ago, I have offered to go exploring in the Alph Ruins, old and abandoned ruins that are located just outside of Violet City. Rumour has it that it might hold a key as to returning back home or hold information as to how and why we have arrived here. While I am a professor, I am also an archeologist so studying these ruins will be a great interest to me.

I am here to ask if anyone will like to come and explore these ruins with me whenever it might be to find any clues or just to look around. I believe that we can find many different things there, so it will benefit many.

I will be providing food to everyone that will come along, though it will be very kind if anyone can help me supply a bit too. Please do inform me if you have any kind of allergy to certain foods so I can keep it in mind when shopping. If we also have anyone that can cook for this trip, I will be very grateful if they can do so.

To those located in other cities and away from Violet, I will be more than glad to lend a few of my Pokemon to ride upon to cut the travel time. I can also clear the Sudowoodo for anyone to take the shortcut from Goldenrod into Violet.

This trip will take place from May 6th to the 8th where we will be staying there for three days and two nights, so that will give everyone about a week and a half to decide and travel. If if you cannot make it but will like to hear on whatever we might discover, I will gladly share any information over the network.

Please do contact me if you are interested in this trip with me and thank you.

[ And with that, the Professor turns off his Pokegear. ]

(( OOC: This is the IC-sign up for the plot event that is happening over at the Alph Ruins! To sign up your characters for this event, please head over to the ooc post about this and comment then you can have your character comment here for an IC-sign up! There is no deadline on signing up other than...well, when the event takes place! Sorry for the wait everyone about this entry everyone!

For Souji: I don't think everyone knows about this, but Souji now has a breeding centre and instead of waiting an entry from me to get an egg from him, he has an answering machine where you can place your order of whatever egg at anytime and he'll send the egg(s) over to your character! Both this and the Alph Ruins event is mod-approved!

ETA: Replies will be tagged later today! ))


[Good afternoon, Johto!

Thank you for tuning into this Pokegear post. How is your day? Oh dear, rainy? That's not good, but don't be down! This entry to the network will hopefully cheer you up with a smile upon your face. Why is that? Well, just keep watching and you might know why.

The camera starts off with your friendly neighbourhood gentleman, Professor Hershel Layton! The setting seems to be taking place inside his room at the Goldenrod Hotel. He doesn't seem to be holding the Pokegear but rather positioning it on his table to record, something that the Professor does often. He doesn't want to be holding it since he is sure that people do not want an extreme close up look upon his face nor does he want to hold it long enough for his arms to hurt. Besides, he is having a nice cup of tea right now! It will be rather hard to drink his tea while also holding the Pokegear.

He takes a single sip from his cup before placing it down on his saucer on the table. He adjusts his hat once and clears his throat.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I do hope that everyone is taking shelter from this rain whenever it will be in a building or under a tree. Hopefully this rain will let up soon as well.

[Because the last time the Professor has been out in the rain like this in the wild, it has been a huge thunderstorm. Not that great.]

I suppose I should now explain why I have made this video feed to the network, but perhaps this will tell the story much better than speaking about it myself.

[He reaches over to pick up the Pokegear and he turns the camera around to show the bed where something is sitting on top of it. More like something like these:

Hey, don't those look familiar! They're Pokemon eggs! You have probably seen them from other trainers or even have had your very own. Even if you have never seen them before, you can tell that they are indeed eggs.

Around the bed of Pokemon eggs is the Professor's team of Pokemon aka the parents of that pile; Claire the Ninetales, Walter the Noctowl, Klaus the Arcanine, Alden the Alakazam, Theodore the Empoleon, and Duifje the Pidgeot. Unfortunately, the other two parents, Grim the Dusknoir and Matthew the Ditto are in the box at the moment. Some of you might notice that Pidgeot is a new addition to the Professor's team! In fact, that Pidgeot belongs to Mr. Netherlands that have gone home recently, so maybe you will even know whose Pidgeot that has used to belong to!

After a few seconds of this scene, the Professor records places the gear back on his table, facing towards his seat. He sits back in his chair after.]

Some of you might know what those are, but for those who do not, they are Pokemon eggs. As you can see, I have the lot of them. I have only intended for a few, but it seems as if I have gotten much more than that.

[To be quite honest, he has thought he will only get one egg of each of his Pokemon, not a bunch. Oops.]

This is where I will ask for some assistance in this.

I am willing to part with some of these eggs and for no charge if you are able to provide them a good home and care. As much as I wish to keep them all, even I cannot handle a number as large as this.

[He will be keeping one of each egg though so his Pokemon don't have to lose all of their new children! That will be just plain cruel.]

The kind of Pokemon eggs I have here with me are of Vulpixes, Hoothoots, Duskulls, Growlithes, Abras, Piplups, and Pidgeys. I do only have a limited amount of them, so I am afraid this will be a first-come-first-serve basis. I apologize for this in advance.

If you are interested in taking them off my hands, please do not hesitate to ask. I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

[And then the feed ends! COME AND GET YO EGGS BROS]

(( OOC: The egg post for Layton is up! Sorry for the lateness for the people who have been waiting since the last ooc post about this

The recent ooc post where people have reserved eggs are right over here! If you have not put a reserve on an egg, there are still some slots open up for certain Pokemon. Check out the list to see how many are open and you can nab them! If you come too late to grab an egg, your character can still express interest and Layton will take their name for the next egg batch whenever that may be!

Tags will be slow so I hope none of you mind backtagging.
I will also still be tagging back everyone in Layton's last post, so please bare with me. Thank you! ♥ ))


[Hello, good people of Johto! It's been a quite a while to get an entry from this Pokegear! Man, can you even remember who it is? Here's a hint: it's from a man with a top hat! Picarats are 30!

If you guessed Hershel Layton, then you are correct! Add some picarats to your names! The Professor would love to do that himself, but he's a bit busy right now. Why? Well....

Professor Layton is stuck in an elevator...


Well, what has happened is that Layton has gone to the Goldenrod Department Store to buy a birthday gift for young Miles Edgeworth because it is just coming up this Sunday. It's always good to get an early start and buy it ahead of time so he can always package it neatly in a box, write a heartwarming card, prepare the party, and all that. So, there he is, trying to pick out gifts and he decides he should probably check what's on the fifth floor because maybe he can get Miles a TM with the large gift he has already gotten.

Thus, he decides to take the elevator because at that moment, he has been on the second floor. As much as exercise is nice, he's almost forty now and he's carrying quite a lot of bags. His thighs will probably burn from all those steps. So, he takes the elevator, presses the fifth floor's button and off he goes!

But then the elevator shakes and suddenly stops.

He nearly tumbles over and falls, but he manages to grab onto the wall to stop himself. He looks up to the elevator's indicator of floors and finds that both the third and fourth floors' lights are on...Does this mean he's stuck in between the floors?

...Oh dear...

And that's what leads him to here, sitting on the floor of the elevator with bags around him from recently bought items. He has stalked some books he has bought to position his Pokegear to point towards him without actually holding it himself.

He clears his throat and straightens his hat before speaking.]

Hello, everyone.

It's been quite some time, has it not? I do apologize for that. I'm afraid that I have been quite busy these past few months since I have woken up, so I do hope that everyone is doing fine.

As for myself, it seems like I am in quite the predicament...As you can see-- [He picks up the gear and points it towards the elevator's floor indicator where it the light is on for three and four] --it seems as if I'm stuck in this elevator.

[He puts the Pokegear back on the stack of books and points at himself as he leans back against the wall]

I have called by using the telephone in this elevator but they say it might take a few hours before they can completely fix the problem. So, I hope I can pass the time by making this entry to the network.

It has been quite a while since I have also given out puzzles, so I hope that someone might be able to solve these to cease this boredom. For those who have already solved puzzles of mine in the past, you are free to exchange your picarats for prizes if you wish.

Being stuck in an elevator has reminded me of a wonderful puzzle, so here it is. This one is worth 30 picarats.

"A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every morning, he takes the elevator all the way down to work. When he arrives back, if there are other people or if it has been raining, he takes the elevator all the way back up to the tenth floor. However, if he is alone or it hasn't been raining, he takes the elevator up to the fifth floor then takes the stairs.

What is the reason for this??"



Every puzzle has an answer!
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